My horses are represented in a variety of ways, whether it be in transparency giving the effect to dissolve into the background, or a more realistic tradition of figurative art. Within these two forms of composition, an element remains unchanged, in the observation that the spectator feels the soul of every horse I create on canvas. 


When my mediums overlap, whether it be acrylic, oil, watercolor or charcoal, with my brush, I sculpt the line so as to bring to the foreground, the white light from the black light. Creating on a bottom of black gesso, the pigments of colors applied for the dress of the horse, intensifying the movement. I can not stop with only a single technique in my creations. The explorations impose a refined search in my pictorial composition.


It is within the rhythm of their hoofs that colors appear. My color palette stays the most diversified and contains colors not limited to realistic tints. I believe, a white horse emanates all colors except white. Warm, cold, transparent or opaque colors make these magnificent creatures leap from the canvas.


The fusion of my two passions, horses and painting, have served to discover my eternal animal instinct ... and to follow it!


Instinct animal I